Lester and Di's Cats


I finally brought in the newbies and took pictures.

Daddy'O, not Bigfoot.

Chessie baby.



Graciette, Spotty and Chessie.
Spotty was so hyper I couldn't
take a picture of him alone.


I was able to snap this.


Sammy (bottom) and Gracie relaxing.

The four pictures below were taken over several days in the middle of
October. And it was about this time I found the father cat's body at
the edge of our driveway. I called the city's animal removal department
to remove the remains to prevent Di from seeing it. Di found out later
through the next door neighbor's kids when they were talking about the
kids' cats, Tiger and Bubba.


Tabby always relaxing.

Puss 'n Boots

Heidi is hard to catch alone.

Today we had Heidi, Patsy, Puss 'n Boots, Tabby and our two outdoor
cats, Gracie and Sammy spayed and neutered...at half price compared to
veterinarian prices. Good thing we held on to our federal rebate checks
this summer. They all also had their rabies and distemper shots while
there. The vet also discovered that Tabby had 6 toes on her front paws.

It was at this time we discovered that Patsy's creed is called
tortoiseshell or tri-coloured cats. Cats of this colour are mottled, with
patches of red and black, chocolate, or cinnamon. They are sometimes called
torties for short. Calicos are in the same arena, but has white patches
where tortoiseshell cats do not. Also, both calico and tortoiseshell cats
are almost always female and tortoiseshell cats are petite compared to the
sizes of a regular cat. Very interesting, eh?



The kitties with Kitty Mama.

Left to right: Graciette, Chessie, Daddy'O and Spotty.

The above pictures are of the kittens when they were just under a
month old. Kitty Mama finally moved them out of their birth box and
onto this bed Di made up for them. At this age they just haven't the
nerve to crawl out and explore. MamaPat says these are the fuzziest
dinner rolls she's ever seen...

Graciette and Chessie we consider them to be twins of the litter because
of their similar coat colors. Graciette, when picked up, flops like a
rag doll, like her older sibling, Tabby. Chessie bawls his lungs out when
picked up, thus the name. Daddy'O looks very much like the father of
the litter and we just didn't want to call it Junior. Notice his "large"
paw...all of his paws has 6 toes which the medical term is called polydactyl.

Spotty, is almost the reverse coloring of Puss 'n Boots and we
might rename him Lumber-Jack because he just loves to crawl
up our pant legs...ow, ow, ouch!

09/09/08 - Because of Hanna, Di wanted me to put Kitty Mamma
in a "safe room" in our work barn because the back part of our back yard
has a tendency to flood during heavy rains. On Sunday, September 7th,
she finally gave birth to 7, yes, 7 kittens. So, to make a long story
short, one of the kittens, a dark colored tabby died and while I
attempted to move the body, I discovered that the umbilical cords
was still attached to this tabby and 4 other kittens. Whoa, so we
took them to an emergency vet hospital at 1 am on Tuesday
morning on the 9th.

One kitten had to be euthanized because her two hind legs were
tangled up with the umbilical cords. A second kitty survived with
only one hind leg and the doc said it was OK to save it.

I've been visiting Kitty Mama's nest 3-4 times a day, feeding, watering,
cleaning the "box" and giving her company. Well, this evening, I
discovered that Kitty Mama had been laying on the 3 legged kitten
and it had passed away. Queen cats because of their nature, sometimes
separate the "oddities" from the rest of the litter.

So, it's been a rough 24 hours for Diane...and me.

08/03/08 - Patsy, the youngest and unaffected of our quarantined
kittens was given her "freedom" to roam around our house this
weekend. Blur, blur, blur is all you see of her releasing that pent up
energy. She wants to play with her "Uncle Blackie" but Uncle ain't too
sure about "Miss Roampus". And Spunky, the "Queen", hisses when Patsy
 gets close...as a matter of fact, sometimes we wonder when Patsy
was going to eventually stop testing Spunky...

All pictures below were taken on
July 9, 2008 unless otherwise indicated.

Several friends of ours indicated over the past several years
that they wanted to see pictures of our cats. Well, our cat
family has grown but only because the mama cat moved 5
houses away from her original home and adopted us
as her care giver.

Patsy, Our Latest Addition

About 7 weeks old, very domesticated, we believed
she was dropped off since Patsy came out of hiding
and walked up to MamaPat on July 3, 2008 as she
working the garden in her front yard. MamaPat paid
us a surprise visit on the Forth and Di immediately
fell in love with her...oohhkaay says I.

Because Patsy was dark, it was hard to
see her in this picture but easy to
see her in the first picture above.

Taking a group picture of 10 weeks old kittens was really hard, duh...

So on the evening of July 9th, I decided to do it this way:

  Here, Puss 'n Boots!   

  Come here, Heidi!

 Ah, Tabby is ready!

Finally, the gang's all here!
Almost blending in with the bedspread.

Kitty Mama and our gang's other
siblings still hangs around...
outside that is.


The gray one is Gracie and the black
one is Sammy. Notice the bands on
Kitty Mama's tail.


Sammy and Gracie getting ready for their
nap in the "jungle".

Kitty Mama was named Kitty before she had her kittens.

She adopted us about the first of October in 2007.

Let me in! Let me in!

We didn't let her in so she stayed outside.

And the original cats holding down the fort:
They're not really holding down the fort if I'm holding them...

Spunky, our first cat weighs in at 15
pounds! She's a 12 year old domestic
long hair and gets a haircut about 3
times a year. Spunky lays with Mama Di
till I go to bed.

And Blackie weighs in at 14! He's
a domestic shorthair and this 10
year old always has to lay
between my legs every
time I go to bed.


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