Lester Edward Latkowski

Lester all spread out.
Yep, that's me, way back yonder in my younger
days. It was 102 degrees the day I was
born. I was a hot baby from a hot Mamma!

One Hot Baby!
The above two pics were taken one month
after I arrived on earth.

Christmas Baby
My First Christmas
Yuk, yuk, yuk!
And My First Official

I'm still a hot baby!             
One year later             

Row, row, row, the boat...
 I was a hit with the girls.

Herb Blackaby and me.
In 1956, we went to Mom's parents for a summer
visit and Uncle Butch had a work area to
piddle around in.

      I earned 3-4 badges then went on and became a Boy Scout
      Yeah, I was a Cub Scout
      and Mom even helped the
      Den Mother

My School Book Pictures 4 Years in a Row

Nineteen Sixty Seven
Nineteen Sixty Eight - This picture was a lot better than the one in the Yearbook
Nineteen Sixty Nine
Nineteen Seventy

   We are stardust, we are golden. We are ten billion year old carbon. And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.
   Nobody believed that I went
   to Woodstock. What more
   proof do they want?

 Ohio Scientific Challenger 2PMF
 My first PC, an Ohio Scientific
 Challenger 2PMF circa 1977.
 Click on pix if you want more info.

We got cats and kittens, wanna see?
I'm starting a collection of pictures taken
during my road trips starting with this page.

More stuff coming later...

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