Santa visiting Lester and David in 1956
Santa visiting Lester and David in 1956 and
we had no how did Santa get inside?

We're Smokin'!
Yeah, in our Wonder Years, we were smokin' in 1962...
actually, it's candy cigarettes, boy were they good. Left
to right is David, Kim and Lester. The bookcase on the left
was made by Dad during his high school years. It was made of
oak and had a soft satin shine to it. In the very early
1970s, after we moved to New Hope Church Road, Mom, sanded
it down and painted it blue to match the walls in my new
bedroom and when Dad got home and saw what Mom did...well...he
wasn't too pleased and was very disappointed that Mom messed
up his first woodworking masterpiece. When Mom told me the
story about this bookcase, she said that Dad wouldn't actually
admit to it but hinted in subtle ways that the new color
was appropriate for the purpose.

Halloween 1963
The above and below pictures of our Neighborhood Halloween Party
was taken in our patio on Ramseur St. in 1963. Guy in sweatshirt is
Mike (Mickey) May, checkered shirt is me, guy holding something to his
mouth is H. L. Joyner (lived in the house next door by the driveway). Girl
behind H. L. may be Page Barrow. Back to the left side of the picture is
Kim in the orange clown suit, David is the clown with the large yellow
collar, Wanda Kay Jennings is the sweatered girl blowing black bubble gum
and the boy behind David wearing the Indian headdress is Billy Satterfield. All
the other kids are unknown although we think the boy in the colored plaid
shirt between David and me are one of the Hale brothers from across the street
in front of our house.

Halloween 1963 Line Up
Everybody is posing: first row David (large yellow collar),
red shirted boy with Indian headdress is Billy Satterfield,
boy in front of Billy Satterfield is H. L. Joyner, orange
clown is Kim, next to Kim is Billy Jennings.
Back row, guy in sweatshirt is Mickey May, girl in red sweater
is Hannah Moulton, (lived across the street in the house with
the carport), blonde boy in red and white shirt is
Ricky Barrow, then Wanda Kay Jennings and me.

The Latkowski and Cooper Kids
Latkowski and Cooper kids: Tall girl in back is Christine Cooper,
oldest girl of Melvin and Rosella Cooper. The boy in front of
Christine is Kirk Cooper, then moving to the right is me (in
dark shirt), then David and then Kim on one of his woodworking
projects. The rest of these kids are Melvin and Rosella Cooper's
and we do not know who is who. This summer of 1964 picture was
taken at Dad's brother Melvin and his wife Rosella Cooper's
house in Norridge, Il. (a suburb of Chicago) for Grandpa's
Bernard's birthday. I remember this very well,
as I had my first beer at this party, Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Doing a little research on the beer, I now know why that
particular beer was served: Melvin was in the military during
World War II and the beer served in the military was in fact
Pabst Blue Ribbon beer but the beer cans were painted
olive drab at the factory for military use.

The Latkowski Boys Go to Deaf Schools
ENCSD in August 1965   David and Kim at ENCSD
These two pictures were taken in August of 1965, the Sunday before the Wilson school opened
for the school year. David on the left and Kim on the right.
Eagle Hall is the building in the background.

Kim and David on ENCSD Campus Spring of 1966
Kim and David, all dressed up and roaring to go!
This picture is believed to be taken after spring break
in 1970. David thinks that's McAdams Hall in the

Lester on Thunder Hill, Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina
There were no pics of me entering the Morganton school
but Dad took Mom and I to many side trips to the nearby
Blue Ridge Parkway before dropping me off at NCSD. Mom
and I think this was taken in the spring of 1965 after we
paid a preliminary visit to the school before I was
enrolled. I entered NCSD in Morganton exactly one
week after David and Kim entered ENCSD.

Because of the type of work he does, traveling to the
different cities and towns around the state, Dad had a knack
of finding good restaurants in far off places. One of the few
I remember well was a fish camp on a crossroad somewhere
around Linville Gorge, NC. The place had a rustic exterior
but very nice inside. It had white tablecloths and served
fresh mountain trout. We left home early on that particular
Sunday so we could eat and then drop me of at NCSD. Of
course the fish camp is no longer there...


"My 3 Sons" with Dad Spring of 1969 or 1970
Dad's 3 Sons: This was taken in the spring of 1969 or 1970.
We had a weeping willow tree which is on the right side
of the picture and the cherry tree is behind us. When we
moved to New Hope Church Road, Dad took a branch from this
weeping willow tree and planted it at our new house. Five
or six years later, I took a branch from the New Hope Church
Road location and planted it at my new digs in Garner.

The white line you see against the house in this picture is
the badminton net which we used during our Easter break. When
we moved to New Hope Church Road, the badminton net was set up
over the newly planted weeping willow tree where it stayed for
about 2 years. When the net was removed the weeping willow
grew like crazy almost surpassing the height of the split
level the family was living in.

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