ENCSD Reunion June 21, 2008

MamaPat and Lester headed down east to the annual ENCSD Reunion just to
have something to do and to see if we can catch up with some folks and sure
enough we grabbed these folks knowing David and Kim will get a kick out of
seeing these guys online. From left to right: Kim's girlfriend of the ENCSD
years, Paula Little of Morganton, NC; Pam Epps ('80) of Princeton, NC;
Gary Farmer, ENCSD football coach; and Nancy Cordova Fletcher ('79), wife
of Herman Fletcher ('73) of Morganton, NC.

Gary Farmer remembers David very well saying that once David put on his
football helmet, he was a force to be reckoned with.

And yes, I have verified that the ENCSD Reunion is
an annual event which started in 2005.

ENCSD Reunion Group Picture

A big heartfelt thanks to Nancy Cordova Fletcher for sending this picture!
The Latkowskis are the 2nd and 3rd on the left in the back row, Pam Epps is
the third lady kneeling from the right, second row and Nancy Fletcher
is behind Pam Epps. All the other ENCSD Reunionites we seen during
our many visits to the campus but we just can't put the names
and faces together.

Other notes of historical interest:
In searching for related information for my other website I found this. The
following students started out in the fall of 1964 in Rankin Hall at NCSD
and then around January of 1965, they were transferred to ENCSD
after one of the buildings were completed:

Prep I - Miss Hamrick
Nancy Cordova

Prep II - Miss Galligan
Johnny Quick

Prep III - Miss Mintz
Tammy Lanier

First Grade - Miss Strickland
David Kornegay
Nelson Oakley

First Grade - Mrs. Hoover
Ginny Edwards
Debbie Jordon

Second Grade - Mr. Hoover
David Dowdy
Becky Riddle


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