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May 3, 2008

Some little town just south of St. Louis. Happened on it when
we stopped for gasoline at a store across the road when I looked
up and saw this. Couldn't believe they're still operating...

Sinclair Gas Station

Sinclair Logo

Sinclair Signage on Canopy

Courtesy of www.zippy.cso.uiuc.edu/~roma/roadmaps/

Yep, there was a Sinclair station on Poole Rd. up 'round the
corner from the neighborhood where we lived. Dad would stop to
get the car filled up before leaving and/or returning to/from
a trip. Guys would run from the building to pop the hood
to check the oil and other engine fluids as well as
washing the windshield and pumping the gas.

 Oh, yeah, did I mention that the
gas was about a hefty 28 cents a gallon in them daze?

And Dad would say something when it went up a penny...

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