David's Interesting Weekend
River In Our Backyard

June 9, 2008

Hey Mom, Lester,
  We had an interesting weekend. I had woken up to thunder and lightening so
I decided to get up and start my day. I sat down at the computer to
write Mom some grilling recipes that I enjoy cooking on the grill. Then
I heard it rain and I mean the house was taking a beating. It woke Nora
up and the dogs and Cheryl was getting up to get ready to go to work. All
morning Saturday it rained and rained and rained bucket fulls of
rain. And it just poured down rain big marble sized rain drops. We got
about 9 inches in just a few hours flooding surrounding areas here at home.

Since we live on a “hill” or the highest elevation in Johnson county
all the rain poured down to the bottom of the hill and the rain flooded
rivers and ponds in surrounding streets, low lying areas, homes and farm
fields, and many areas that were not flood zones or never have had
a flood. It made it difficult to even leave the neighborhood with the
flooded streets.

Cheryl had gone to work that morning and upon coming home she had a flat
tire. I had to go out and get her home and out of the rain. It took me a
good hour to find a way around all the flooded streets in my pick-up to
get to her although she was only 3 minutes away and just down the road. I
had called Mike earlier to see if he could get Cheryl if I could not
navigate my way around the flooded streets. He said he thought he could
though even his neighborhood was flooded as well.

Well, homes were flooded, home owners were having to be rescued by
boat and taken to Red Cross situation areas to High School gyms and a
church or two. We drove around a little and most all streets were flooded
and it was a good thing I had the big heavy pick-up truck to get
around. We couldn't get back home the same way I came to get Cheryl and
had to look for another way. It was pretty bad. We saw a back yard barn
floating in the water, a boat had drifted back into the woods and
quite a few homes were flooded up to the windows and many distraught
people walking and or standing on high ground waiting for relatives
or transportation to one of the Red Cross situation areas.

After the fire dept. and Homeland Security people rescued them from their
flooded homes, I was told by my neighbor that our street Skyline Dr. was
so named because of being the highest elevation in Johnson county.

In our back yard there is a little valley graded down to the side of the
house to the street. I knew why the backyard was graded that way but
because over the last year when we had heavy rain fall I never saw water
come down through my yard. Saturday it did. We had a river of water come
down from the two houses above ours. Water rushed down under my storage
shed flooding it with about 6 to 8 inches of water. It ran under
the storage shed out the front never once coming close to the house. I
hate to say this but after it was all done and over with, the clouds
cleared and the sun came out that Saturday afternoon I was out mowing my
yard and things were back to normal.

 It was bad here in most of southern Indiana below us where nearly the
whole town of Franklin, Martinsville, Columbus, Seymour In. to name a
few towns were under water. It was the worst I've seen since 03 when we
had a hellacious rainstorm that rained nearly 8 hrs or more on Labor Day
and the worst Indiana has seen since 1913. The river in my backyard is
nothing compared to the flooded homes and businesses, and misplaced
homeowners and families who have lost more than just their furniture. You
can never understand the scope of the devastation until you've seen
it. You want to help these people but they've already suffered
losses. But until you've seen people standing in front of their homes
crying you can never know their pain until or unless you've experienced it.

Fortunately we were high and dry…… and who ever graded the yard 35 yrs ago knew what he was doing........

Water rushing down hill obscured by tree branch at top left of picture to
back of storage shed around to yard on left side of barn. The red thing
against the storage shed is the yard trailer for my mower.

Same here viewed of back of storage shed on right side. Water is rushing
through the rocks just behind fence to prevent erosion and slow rushing

Water rushing out from under storage shed

flooded 6 to 8 inches rain water. Dad's old riding mower is on the
right and that's my new 26HP 54 inch deck mower behind the ramp.

Now you see water rushing down back yard to side of house

and this is about 6 inches water rushing down yard.

Water rushing out to side of house to street.

Water rushing out into street under the apple tree. You can see how the
yard was graded so the water would rush out to the street. It was like
this all morning Sat. from about 5:30 till almost noon. And then by 3 p.m.
after the clouds cleared and the sun came out the yard was dry as a bone
and I was mowing the yard.


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