Alvin and The Chipmunks
May 31, 2008

This is Alvin

This is Simon

This is Theodore

This is Dave and Nora

Ha ha ha ho ho ho haw haw haw haaaawwwwww AAAAhhhh ha ha ha ha
Whew, man, ain't you funny

We discovered chipmunks, you know those little rodents with racing stripes
on their backs, in our herb garden out front and we spent most of the
morning watching them scurrying around chasing each other and
eating what they could find. We put out some sunflower seeds for them and
they eat them up quickly. I later spot them in the back yard while I sat
on the swing reading a book. They were wanting to get into the
strawberries that were growing on our patio....

Oh and the strawberries are delicious and a tad sour but quite good with
pineapples and choc ice cream. Come on over and have some. I also planted
tomatoes this year over on the east side of the house which I think will be
a great place for them since we love to eat tomatoes and where I can get to
them for my tomato sandwiches. It is just right outside the door around to
the side of the house. I didn't do a garden yet but I will this fall so it
will be ready in the spring.....Not sure what I will plant but maybe
potato's and green pepper and of course as always watermelon. Now if I can
make the garden big enough for some green beans I might do those, too. Then
in the fall I might grow some pumpkins like I did one year for the kids and
it was fun for them watching the pumpkins grow.

Well we're having a great day today after the thunderstorm we had last
night. I had to clean some branches and leaves in the yard but it wasn't so
bad, and so now I will go out and mow the yard and do other little things I
want to do outside like get the camper ready for a camping trip soon. We are
not going any where this year camping. We will just go to a nearby
campground which is about 25 miles away. We may make one trip of about 150
miles to Santa Claus, In. to Holiday World. We used to go to Sandusky, Ohio
to Cedar Point but it is just too costly to pull the camper out there. It is
almost cheaper to stay at a motel for one night. Maybe when the economy
stabilizes and all the environmental wackos quit lobbying congress Ill get a
new rig that gets better fuel milage. I found a nice rig at a real nice
price that gets about 19 mpg compared to my rig that gets 15 mpg but too bad
now is not the time since I wrecked the little car and the way the economy
and gas prices are going. I want to hold off a little while.

But anyway, the day is good, there is a nice breeze going and the back yard
beckons for relaxation for a game of horse-shoe and sitting on the swing
with a glass of ice tea or maybe a nice glass of wine and a good book and
later a nice juicy steak on the grill......

You gotta come over and spend the day with us.....We have a great back yard
for relaxing.

Oh and this is the herb garden, we know there is peppermints growing
but don't know if there are any other herbs that the previous owners
planted, all we can find are peppermints and its aromatic smell. This is
also where the chipmunks are living....Right there in front of the tree
trunk, the little dark area you can see where the chipmunks burrowed
a hole for their home.

We love you and miss you and wish you were here

David, Cheryl, and Nora

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