David Latkowski's Family
Est. July 1995

His...Michael, Jon, and Ryan

Her...AJ, Deanna, and Steven


David and I were married on a hot day in July 1995. We wanted our children to bless this marriage
so we involved them all in the wedding. They were Best Man, Maid of Honor and ushers.
David's sons stood up proudly beside him while my children walked me down the aisle together.
 They told the minister together that they accepted their Mom to be married to David.
It was truly a family affair and David and I felt it helped us all to become a "family".

David drives an 18 wheeler semi truck. He is a local driver so he is home every night with the family.
In his spare time, he writes for his devotional. He started the devotional in November '98. His
purpose was to spread the Words of God on the internet to the Deaf . We called the devotional, "In
the Name of Our Deaf Jesus". His subscribers list has really grown and both David and I feel blessed
by the Lord to serve him this way.

I used to work part time at Fed-Ex but left the job due to my pregnancy. I decided to stay at home and
take care of the home and family.


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