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Cheryl and Nora

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November 4, 2007
Yesterday I drove down Hwy 135, The Bill Monroe Memorial Hwy, with whom
Grandpa Blackaby used to play with at one time in their younger days. Mom
can tell you about that if I remember right her telling me that. Well I
drove down pass the Bill Monroe Memorial Campground and Music Park with
Cheryl and Nora with me down to my beloved Brown County hiking trip where I
used to take the boys hiking to see the woods and fall painted canvas
country side for some solitude and my "walk with God" that I enjoy so much
that reminds me of my beloved state of NC. We hiked short of then 3 1/2 mile
I usually hike and took them to the Hob Nob restaurant for supper of roast
beef pot roast/potatoes that Cheryl had and the delicious brats and
sauerkraut that I ordered. Though Mom's sauerkraut and sausage is much more
delicious, it was quite a good fare. I'd like to take you guys there to the
Hob Nob and dine in the 1823 building built as a dry goods store later
turned grocery and then a soda jerk store where the soda jerk counter is
still standing but not used. Mom has been to Brown County with dad, She can
tell you more about it.

Here is a pix of Cheryl and I taking a
 short break about half way down to Ogle Lake.

See why it reminds me of NC

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