David Alan Latkowski

David less than a month old!
November 1955, David less than a month old.

Fast Forward to 1976
NCSD 1976    NCSD 1976
Graduation Day in May 1976

I want it, I want it, I want it...
David said he wants it, he wants it, he wants it...

Fast Forward to 1980
ENCSD & NCSD Schoolmates and also lived in the same neighborhood.
David with schoolmate Steve Schrader in 1980.
The where is unknown at the moment.

David and Michael at Mom's and Dad's front yard      David and Michael at Mom's and Dad's back yard
1980 - David and family came on down to visit Mom and Dad and son
Michael wasn't too happy on the lawn mower. By the way, after Dad
passed away, Kim loaded up this mower and hauled it to his place
and when David came back to North Carolina during one of Kim's
Timberfest festivals, David managed to load it up in his pick-up
truck and brought it to his home in Indianapolis where he would
not let anyone else cut grass with the mower.

Fast Forward to 2006
Michael and Sara    Sara Latkowski
Then about 26 years later Michael's wife gave birth to Sara, David's first Grandchild.

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2007 Memoirs

David had a 50th birthday back in 2005

Oh, yeah, David had a couple of pages on the internet that was
inaccessible for updating but I was able to retrieve them
and relocate them here.

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