Norbert Leon Latkowski

Dad's "Official" Navy Picture 1944

Dad in Naval Uniform 1944

Dad's Family Picture 1944    Dad and His Mom, Pearl
These are the earliest known pictures of Dad - 1944.
The family picture on the right shows his little sister, Elaine, the young boy
is one of his brothers, either Richard or Ronald, and his parents,
Bernard Edward and Pearl Margaret Cooper. The picture on the right, of course,
is Dad and his Mom. Three of these pictures
may have been taken at a park that
 the family has always gone to at Lake Michigan.

Dad's Durham, NC Taxi ID
Sometime around 1948, Dad went to Duke as part of his
Naval training. While there he was a taxi driver.

I wasn't told of the specific details but in his fourth
year in the Navy, they wouldn't give him commission, so
he quit and walked across the street and joined the
National Guard.

Dad's in the Army now!
Dad's in the Army now!
This 1949 picture was taken at Robert and Shirley
Arrington's back door stoop when they lived in
Durham before Dad and Mom were married. It was
put away and forgotten until Robert & Shirley
moved back to NC in the mid 70's. (Shirley
is Mom's sister).

                      Dad and Jeep 1949
           1949 - Location unknown.

Dad and Airplane 1950         
1950 - Location unknown.    

Dad was based out of Butner, NC when he joined the NC Army National Guard. He
eventually relocated to NCNG Headquarters on Reedy Creek Rd. Raleigh, after
marrying Mom, they moved to Raleigh's Pace St. That was a lucky move as the
original Krispy Kreme was only two small blocks from the apartment they were
renting. (The Krispy Kreme relocated across Person Street in the late 1960s).

One of the Many Different Vehicles Dad Would Bring Home
In 1953 they moved to Ramseur St., and Dad would often bring work home.

Dad at Kerr Lake
In 1960, Dad purchased the Dodge Pioneer station wagon and took
the family on weekend outings to Kerr Lake.

Let's see what we got in here....
Dad unpacking the station wagon. Dad was a Boy Scoutmaster for some boys while he
was working in Butner and had access to a cabin in the woods near Kerr Lake. On
this particular weekend, he invited an Army buddy and his family to join us.
The white car is a Ford two door 1960 Ford (Galaxie Starliner), very
similar to the Army vehicle he drove me home in during my first years
at the North Carolina School for the Deaf in Morganton, NC.

Grandma and Grandpa Cooper - Summer of 1964
Over the years, we would make trips to Gary or
Hammond, Indiana to visit and stay with Mom's family. This
summer of 1964 picture of Dad's parents was taken at Dad's
brother Melvin and his wife Rosella Cooper's house in
Norridge, Il. (a suburb of Chicago) for Grandpa's
birthday. He is believed to have been born about 1902.
Two years after this picture was taken,
Grandpa passed away.


Before I pass you on to another family website, here is some
information on the Latkowski/Cooper name. If I understand
correctly, Latkowski was the original name when the family moved
back and forth from Germany to Poland during the 1880's
and 1890's. Again, as I understand it, Grandpa Bernard's
father, who's name was Bernard Latkowski, immigrated to the
 USA in 1892. He married Bertha Gehrke and they had three
children. After he died she married Joseph Kruprelski
 who often used the name Kuper or Cooper.

My Grandpa Bernard, or Benny as he was called by friends and
fellow workers, used Cooper for business reasons. He worked as
 a truck driver and supposedly hauled horses to Florida in the
Prohibition Era.

Most of my Dad's immediate family are now known as Cooper. Dad
had the option of changing his name to Cooper but decided
to keep the original family name.

Thus, you will see the name Cooper intertwined on this website as
well as Dad's nephew's (or my cousin) Danny Cooper's family page.


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