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Mom and Dad 1950 Dad
Family Tree

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Friends at 2008 ENCSD Reunion

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Us brothers in the very early 70's
(Circa Summer of '71 or '72)
This is the 3 of us back then, click on the picture to see us now.

Lester is the Oldest

David is the Middle Man

And Kim...well...He's the Funny Guy

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Pardon our dust....we're still working it....

At one time or another, we all become interested in our family heritage. Perhaps, this explains why the subject of genealogy has become so popular today.

As such, we are in the process of creating this new gallery,, to help our family, albeit, far removed, asunder, as well as unattainable, understand our heritage to our friends as well as younger members of our family.

Hopefully, this site will represent the life and times of the Latkowski Family before the marriage of Patricia Blackaby and Norbert Leon Latkowski and of their moving their roots to Rawlee, No. Car. and beyond!

Stay tuned!

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